Mr. Zhang talks to the owner of the King’s team to sell Inter

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Inter Milan president Steven Zhang has invested in a flight to California, the United States, in a meeting with NBA franchise owner Vivek Ranadiff about the Sacramento Kings interest in takeover. business

Report from ‘ Tutto ‘ about the progress in the case that Suning Capital Group , owner of Inter team, hired multinational investment bank Goldman Sachs. Help find interested parties to buy the ufabet club for 1.2 billion euros.

That’s because it’s nearing the deadline for the club to pay a € 275 million loan back to American investor Ohctry every now and then.  

Recently, Mr. Zhang has been lobbying himself in another way. Soar to Northern California to sell the club to an American – Indian businessman because it wanted a competitive acquisition. The value will not be pressed to be underestimated.

For Mr Vivek , there was news that he wanted to work with Jerry Cardinal of the Red Bird Capital to buy AC Milan, but told him once. Until bringing a new opportunity to plunge into the Italian Serie A industry.

Suning Group has 20 months to repay its loan of € 275 million, plus 12% interest , by May 2024 .

It also had to pay back more than 400 million euros of bonds at 6.75% interest.