Son threatened after the Premier League was wary of ginseng

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Tottenham Hotspur striker Son Heung-min has urged Premier League opponents not to insult him for not having a single goal in the 2022-23 season. must be cold

Son had a Golden Boot degree last season with Mohamed Salah, but with the current season the match is bad, especially the ‘ White Sox ‘ star is still clean.  

However, the 30 – year-old sees himself as unlucky , not finishing well enough. Just a little more tuning Beware of those who are reckless, they will burst into tears.  

” Going through this situation will make me stronger, ” the South Korean captain told ‘ Spurs Play ufabet ‘ .

“ This is one of the things I can see that has improved because there is still potential. Both as a team or as an individual as well. ” 

“ The most important thing is to work well as a team. is ready to accept all orders as the team needs. ”

“ To be honest, if a game hadn’t turned the trigger at all, it would have been a bit of a concern for performance. But in each match, I was excited to shoot more and more. ”

“ In some unlucky matches , the hour when luck doesn’t favor Or some shots are not good at shooting themselves. ” 

“ There are some matches that are very upset because if you get a golden opportunity, you can’t turn into a goal. Sometimes it’s sarcastic. ” 

” But to be honest, I’m not too worried because the team mates , the staff and the fans are still backing. ” 

“ I think that if I could count to one, I would give my confidence back. and hope from that there will be another basket. ” 

Son ‘s next match to win is the Champions League group stage away to Sporting Lisbon ( 13 Sept. )