Tuchel ‘s old crew joins Bohly’s fight, doesn’t know about footbal

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Thomas Tuchel ‘s former sporting director Christian Heidel has criticize Chelsea owner Todd Bohly. For sacking his older brother despite having only played a few games in the new season. Pointing is the decision of people who don’t really know football.

Tuchel was kick off after a 1-0 defeat to Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League group stage. While the English Premier League ‘s outlook was sloppily skew. contrary to the new owner’s budget of more than 200 million pounds.  

However , Heidel considers ‘ Sing the Blues ‘ too urgent to order the death penalty. Because as far as I’ve touched Tuchel when he was a Mainz trainer, dare I say this is real. Carrying the team through many difficult situations.

” The decision to sack Tuchel came from the inexperience of the people. Who lead football – this is an investor downplay , ” Heidel told Sport Build .

“ People who don’t even have the idea of ​​football. Maybe he thinks he’s sixth in the Premier League table. English is not good enough And then say a melody – let’s try another head coach – even though I just played 6 games ufabet ” 

” I can’t look at it for any other reason, but Chelsea will be deeply sadden by that decision. They won’t be able to find such a good coach in the short term. ” 

This is a direct insult to Graeme Potter, the new head coach of ‘ Sing the Blues ‘ , plus the team has given the team a five -year contract worth 12 million pounds per season, while Tuchel received an unemployment fee of 6.9 million pounds.